Educational Materials of for Diabetic Patient’s of Foot Care
Why did we open up the Foot Center Clinic?

With the rising aging population and the rapid increase in the number of diabetic patients as well as changes in life styles, more patients are becoming affected by various kinds of foot problems -numbness, pain and etc. In countries with podiatrists, like the United States, a podiatrist would initially give a comprehensive medical care followed by a referral to vascular surgeons or other departments if necessary. However, since there are no podiatrists in our country, patients are often at a loss of which department to visit. Also, it is not rare for patients to move around several departments or hospitals because they are seeing no progress. Currently, we have been seeing more severe cases where diabetic patients complicate vascular diseases that lead to foot gangrene, making it more difficult for us to provide treatment within a single department.

In western countries where there are many patients with foot problems, multidisciplinary foot-care centers are set up in key hospitals of major cities to give treatment to severe patients. These centers have been effective in avoiding foot amputations, shortening hospital stays and reducing medical costs. Our hospital has been providing care to diabetic patients with foot problems with the openings of a Diabetic Foot Care Clinic in the Diabetes Center in January 2000, and a Diabetic Foot Screening Clinic in the department of dermatology in April 2003. In response to many inquiries from non-diabetic patients, we established a Foot Center Clinic in the Kyoto Medical Center on September 2nd of 2003 with the aim of creating a western type multidisciplinary foot-care center dealing with severe foot diseases.

About the Foot Center Clinic

Severe foot diseases can be treated at the foot center clinics in the following departments −Diabetes Center (common foot problems), dermatology, orthopedic surgery, cardiology (vascular internal medicine), (vascular surgery) and radiology (diagnosis) −every Tuesday from 2PM. Once initial examinations are given at the Diabetes Center and a referral to the appropriate department, out patient clinics then on are basically held at each departments. Screenings and treatment policies of different departments are shared through electronic medical charts. We also have special equipments at our out patient clinic to measure the peripheral blood flow of your feet, neuropathy and plantar pressure, in order to grasp your feet conditions promptly.

Guidance for diabetic foot patients will be provided by a certified doctor of Podiatric Medicine、 and guidance and adjustment of footwear/orthoses will be provided by a pedorthist in collaboration with an Austrian Orthopedic Shoe Meister.

National Hospital Organization Diabetic Foot Research Group
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